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     Rems Residence is a new kind of business class block of flats to be built in the center of the Southern capital of Russia called Rostov-on-Don.

     Besides its aesthetically successful embodiment the building immediately attracts one’s attention with its elegant facades which will be created using the latest technology and will carry all the positive aspects of modern achievements in construction.

     Infrastructure of construction area is very good – there are several schools and kindergartens quite close to the building area. Moreover in three minutes’ walking from building there is a park where you can walk with your children or just enjoy an island of nature in the very center of the city. Also right within walking distance from building you can find a cultural and recreational center, a barbershop and grocery stores.

     Just 50 meters from the building will be a 7-storey parking that makes the problem of tenant and their guests car storage exceptionally comfortable.

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  • We Invite You to become an investor, our partner and to purchase apartments in the residential complex “Rems residence in one of the best and prestigious buildings in Rostov-on-don. With us You can also get the opportunity not only to keep your savings in conditions of instability of the financial market, but also to benefit.

    To date, investment in property is considered as one of the most attractive and profitable ways to invest. Real estate is an asset, which is practically no danger of depreciation, to the contrary, the cost is constantly growing.

    Another important time – define the time of occurrence in the project with their investments. The construction of our house is at the stage of completion of development of the piers – Foundation. Upon completion of construction price increases will be inevitable. Now is the best time to invest. From our side we are ready to offer the most favorable conditions.

    *Details in the sales office by phone 8 (989) 723 87 89.

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Declaration FL



  • In this section you can find information about mortgages granted by the bank-partner.


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    Terms accreditation VTB 24

    1. Mortgage documents to 2m in 24 hours —  Browse

    2. Housing on the secondary market and in new — Browse

    Terms accreditation Sberbank

    1. Action + 13-13-30 with a secure credit —  Download

    Terms accreditation Bank of Moscow

    ● The loan amount of 500 thousand. Up to 75 million. Rubles.

    ● Loan term – from 1 to 50 years.
    ● The initial payment of 10%.
    ● credit decisions for 2 instruments with an initial payment of 35%.
    ● Using the mat. Equity as a down payment, job subsidies GBU PO «Agency’s housing programs.”
    ● Ability to provide help in the form of the bank, surety relatives.
    ● No fees for registration, issuance and early repayment.
    ● Payment estimates due to the Bank.
    ● Ability to review IP and business owners.

    Terms accreditation Rosselhozbank

    Of Rosselkhozbank offers more than 5 different mortgage programs:

    Rate of 17% per annum, the initial installment – 10%, the term – up to 25 years
    Maximum amount – up to 20 million rubles
    Bank staff will find you the best solution by applying an individual approach to each client.
    May receive a loan in one of the 45 offices, in any part of the Rostov region
    To learn more about the conditions of mortgage programs you can Rostov regional branch office or the nearest sales office.

    Terms accreditation OAO TRANSCAPITALBANK

    Mortgage rate 10.5%

    To learn more about the conditions of mortgage programs you can Rostov regional branch office or the nearest sales office



  • In accordance with the Federal Law 214-FZ LLC responsibility “REMSPETSSTROY” for any failure to fulfill the obligations of the transfer of the dwelling is insured by the insurance company CJSC IC “Vanguard Policy”.

    Read the Rules of insurance.

    license insurance company.